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Items marked squareare FREE to Minnesota parents of children and young adults with disabilities.

staritems are free to young adults, high school or older, with disabilities and their families.

Please limit requests for free items to 10 or less per order.

mother reading a book to her daughter

Translated MaterialsHmong and Southeast Asian

PACER offers bilingual workshops, individual assistance and translated publications focusing on issues facing families from diverse backgrounds. The following publications have been translated into Hmong.


NEW! Special Education: What Do I Need to Know? (Hmong version)
A 37 minute audio/video (translated in Spanish) overview of special education created to help parents of children with disabilities understand what special education is, how a child might get into special education, how to resolve disagreements, and what role parents play. 2009.
Developed by PACER Center, it is funded in part by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education.

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This presentation is also available in English, Spanish, and Somali learn more >>>>

Information Cards

IEP Meeting Parent Tip Card - Hmong Version
Laminated cards with questions to ask during your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, as well as questions to ask about the IEP process. 2014.
square $0.25 | 100+ copies, $.20 each (please call for shipping and handling pricing)  | PHP-a45H

Parent Information Cards - Hmong
Laminated 3 x 5-inch cards detailing parent rights and responsibilities in special education as well as topics of discussion for IEP development that parents can bring with them to their child's IEP meetings. 2010.
square $0.25 | 100+ copies, $.20 each (please call for shipping and handling pricing)  | PHP-a39h


Family Strengths Series - Hmong Version
This series of five booklets teach and encourage parents of young children (birth to age 5.) All are simply worded and beautifully illustrated with photos of children and families of various ethnic/cultural groups. See complete description under Early Childhood. 2000.
$5 (per book) | 10+ copies, $4.50 each  | LPA-32H through LPA-36H

Activity Cards

image of Let's Talk Activity Cards - Hmong Version publication Let's Talk Activity Cards - Hmong Version
Letís Talk is an easy and fun way for parents to interact and help your child be ready for reading. These cards will help build your childís vocabulary and speaking skillsóthe first steps in learning to read. No special supplies are needed, just you and your child.
square $4 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a27h

Let's Talk and Count! Activity Cards - Hmong Version
Letís Talk and Count! is an easy and fun way for parents to interact and help your child be ready for reading and counting. These cards will help build your childís vocabulary and speaking skills, as well as increase your childís early math skills. No special supplies are needed, just you and your child.
square $4 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a41h


Who We Are
Summarizes PACER’s projects, workshops, and resources. 2010.
FREE | PHP-c37h


Handouts squareFree to Download pdf icon | $1.50 per request | 10+ copies, $.50 each

A Challenging High School Education for All - Hmong Version MPC-65h
A Parent’s Guide to School Testing: What You Need to Know - Hmong Version GE-7h
A Parentís Vision and High Expectations are Powerful - Hmong GE-6h
A Place to Start: Understanding the present level of academic achievement and functional performance (Hmong translation) PHP-c186h
A Tool for Success: High Expectations and Your Child's Education (Hmong translation) GE-11h
Academic Progress Tracker GE-8h
Accessing County Children's Mental Health Services For Your Child - Hmong Version PHP-c84h
Assistive Technology for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children with Disabilities - Hmong Version PHP-c212h
Behavior Intervention or Crisis Plans - Hmong version PHP-c141h
Bullying and Harassment of Students with Disabilities - Top 10 Facts for Parents, Educators and Students BP-18h
Checklist: Preparing for and Attending Mediation PHP-c200h
Child-Centered Assistive Technology (AT) Plan (IEP) - Hmong version STC-33b(h)
Child-Centered Assistive Technology (AT) Plan (IFSP) - Hmong version STC-34b(h)
Childhood Skills Checklist - Hmong Version PHP-c76h
Communication in the Special Education Process - Hmong Version PHP-c82h
Crisis Management Plan: Support at Home for Children and Youth with Mental Health Needs (Hmong edition) PHP-c225h
Encourage Your Child’s Positive Behavior and School Success - Hmong PHP-c218a-h
Evaluation: What Does It Mean for Your Child - Hmong Version PHP-c2h
Examples of Assistive Technology for Young Children - Hmong version STC-29h
Examples of PBI Strategies - Hmong PHP-c215b(h)
Expanded Child-Centered Assistive Technology (AT) Plan (IEP) - Hmong version STC-33a(h)
Expanded Child-Centered Assistive Technology (AT) Plan (IFSP) - Hmong version STC-34a(h)
Explore Assistive Technology and Open New Doors for Your Child - Hmong version STC-28h
Filing a Complaint with the MDE - Hmong version PHP-b17h
Help Your Child Learn with After-school and Summer Programs - Hmong GE-4h
High Expectations and Assistive Technology: Empowering Your Child - Hmong version STC-32h
How to Prepare Your Child with Disabilities for Kindergarten -Tips for Parents - Hmong Version PHP-c179h
How to Try Assistive Technology with Your Infant, Toddler, or Preschooler - Hmong version STC-27h
How Will I know If My Child is Making Progress? - Hmong Version PHP-c78h
If You Have Concerns: When and How to Request a Special Education Evaluation for Your Preschool Child (Hmong translation) PHP-c280h
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Goals - Hmong translation PHP-c266h
Keeping Good Records Helps Special Education Stay on Track - Hmong Version PHP-c155h
Keys to Success in the Family-School Partnership - Hmong GE-1h
Learning to Communicate: A Timeline for Typical Development - Hmong Version PHP-c69h
Making the Move from Preschool to Kindergarten - Hmong Version PHP-c196h
Mental Health and School Avoidance: Tips to Developing an Educational Plan for Your Child - Hmong PHP-c269b-h
Mental Health and School Avoidance: What Parent Need to Know - Hmong PHP-c269a-h
Minnesota Due Process Options PHP-a25h
Natural Environments Support Early Intervention Services - Hmong Version PHP-c178h
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Early Childhood (3 to 5 Years) - Hmong PHP-c106d-h
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Infants (Birth to 1 Year) - Hmong PHP-c106b-h
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Toddlers (1 to 3 Years) - Hmong PHP-c106c-h
Planning for a meeting about your child's behavior needs - Hmong Version PHP-c144h
Preparing for Transition from Early Intervention to an Individualized Education Program - Hmong Version PHP-c158h
Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) Examples - Hmong PHP-c253h
Promising Practices - Helping Your Child Read and Understand - Hmong Version GE-3h
Sample PBIS Home Plan - Hmong PHP-c218b-h
School Accommodations and Modifications - Hmong Version PHP-c49h
School Choice in Minnesota (Hmong translation) GE-9h
School Records and Parents' Rights - Hmong Version PHP-c41h
Six Areas that May Affect Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services (Hmong translation) PHP-c221h
Special Education Placement Settings (Hmong translation) PHP-c265h
Student Action Plan Against Bullying (Hmong translation) BP-25h
Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers: Behavior Is Communication (Hmong version) PHP-c154h
Third Party Billing (Hmong version) HIAC-h16h
Tips for talking with your childís school - Hmong version PHP-c241h
Tips for Working with Your Childís School when Chronic Conditions Cause Absences (Hmong version) HIAC-h25h
Tips to Support Reading and Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities PHP-c206h
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Child Needs a Voice PHP-c207h
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Writer Needs a Pencil PHP-c208h
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Hmong version PHP-c213h
Transition to Adulthood for Youth with Challenging Behaviors: Transition Planning Tips for Parents (Hmong version) PHP-c235h
Transition: Charting a Course into the Future - Hmong Version PHP-c157h
Transportation for Students with Disabilities in Minnesota (Hmong translation) PHP-c62h
Understanding the Early Intervention System - Hmong version PHP-c137h
Understanding the Special Education Process - Hmong version PHP-c231h
Use Questions to Find Answers: A guide for parents of children receiving special education services - Hmong version PHP-c136h
Waivers Made Simple - Hmong version HIAC-h31h
Want to Help Your Child Succeed in School? - Hmong Version GE-2h
What is Assistive Technology and how can it help my child? Tips for parents - Hmong version STC-31h
What is Functional Behavioral Assessment and How is it Used? An Overview for Parents - Hmong PHP-c215a-h
What is Service Coordination (Hmong version) PHP-c274h
What Services May be Offered to Students in Title 1 Schools? - Hmong Version MPC-61h
Why Your Child Needs You to Become an Advocate - Hmong PHP-c226h
Writing Goals and Objectives for an Early Childhood Individualized Education Program - Hmong version PHP-c260h
You and Your Elementary School-aged Child - Hmong GE-5h
You and Your Middle School-aged Child - Hmong Version MPC-64h
Your IEP Meeting: A Great Place to Practice Self-Advocacy Skills - Hmong PHP-c149a-h
Youth Tips for Parents: How to Talk to Your Teenager About His or Her Mental Health - Hmong PHP-c216h

Record Keeping Folders

Special Education Record Keeping Folders - Hmong Version
Parents can keep important papers related to their child's education plus helpful tips on working with your child's school. 2004.
1-10, $10 each | 11-100 copies, $8 each | 101-500 copies, $7 each  | PHP-a5h


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