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PACER Puppets

PACER puppets make a lasting impression on young children

Capturing the attention of young children isn’t easy, but PACER’s endearing, life-size puppets have a special way with kids that leaves a lasting impression. Since 1979, nearly half a million children have experienced the way PACER’s multicultural puppets deliver important messages of tolerance and inclusion – and bullying prevention – to schools and organizations across the country. Using an engaging, child-friendly approach, trained volunteers present a message-filled show that is creative and fun yet deals with sensitive subjects in a realistic way. Through the puppet show and discussion, the puppets educate, entertain, and inspire.  

An introduction to disability awareness and inclusion

Everyone wants to play, learn, have friends, and be included. The COUNT ME IN puppet program helps children understand that people with disabilities are much like they are. This age-appropriate introduction to disability awareness and inclusion is for grades 1 to 4 with a shorter preschool/kindergarten program. The cast includes Gina, who is blind and uses a cane; Jay, who is deaf or hard of hearing; Sally, who has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair; and their friends, Carmen and Mitch.

COUNT ME IN Puppet Program

Practical tools children can use

Nobody likes to be picked on, ridiculed, or abused by their peers but 1 in 4 American children are bullied each year. The KIDS AGAINST BULLYING puppet program helps students learn ways to respond if they are being bullied, how to help if they see someone else being bullied, the difference between telling and tattling, and most importantly that no one ever deserves to be bullied. The interactive program includes skits about physical, verbal, and social bullying.


Arrange a show

Having the hand-crafted PACER puppets come to your school in the Twin Cities region is effective, economical, and easy to arrange.

Arrange a Show

Purchase puppets and scripts for your community

Organizations across the country and around the world purchase PACER puppets and scripts to use in their communities, and the puppets’ appearance can be changed to portray diverse communities. In addition to COUNT ME IN and KIDS AGAINST BULLYING, the LET’S PREVENT ABUSE puppets and scripts are available to help children develop personal safety skills and learn about child physical and sexual abuse.

Purchase Puppets

Become a PACER puppeteer!

Would you like to be part of the fun, creative team of PACER puppeteers? No experience is required! Volunteers receive training to learn puppet and presentation skills and do hands-on rehearsals. Puppeteers present at schools in the Twin Cities metro area two or three times a month.


PACER’s Puppetmaker

Charlotte has been making puppets for PACER since 1995. We interview her in her basement workshop. PACER puppets are available for purchase.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on young children in your area. To learn more about the PACER puppets, e-mail [email protected] or call PACER at (952) 838-9000.