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Stick Puppet Role Plays Featuring the Club Crew

Role plays are an interactive method to creatively engage elementary school children to learn options for handling bullying situations. The following stick puppet plays incorporate the Kids Against Bullying Club Crew members.


Appropriate for elementary school students.

Resources/Materials Needed

Puppets: Download a print copy of each member of the Club Crew | Color Version or Black & White version. Cut out each of the cast members and attach to a craft (Popsicle) stick.
Props: "Scrabble®" – Print alphabet block letters on 3x3 cardstock
"Masks" – Download mask images, print on cardstock, and cut out
Stage/Theater: Create a stage by turning a large table on its side. Students can draw and color a setting for the front of the table. The setting could include the name of the play or a scene. Actors hide behind the table, and the puppets appear over the edge.


The role play is an interactive method designed to creatively engage elementary school children to learn options for handling bullying situations.


Children learn what to do when they see bullying or are bullied.


Mrs. Bridge, Carmen, Chandra, Molly, Sally, Shannon, Brad, Jay, Matt, Mickey, Nick, and Pip.

The Plays

Post Play Activities

"Let Me Play" Invite each student to create their own poster.

"Scrabble®" Play Scrabble like the crew! Decode these sentences.
FERCEESDIFN REA OCOL (Differences are cool)
ULYNGILB RTSUH (Bullying hurts)
SENSDIKN SI TNTPROAMI (Kindness is important)

"Masks" Download the "mask" file. Invite each student to create his or her own special and unique masks.


Invite each student to choose his or her favorite Club Crew member, print a copy, and write something special about themselves or the Club member.

Post Play Discussion

Students can benefit from group discussion about the how the bullying scenario was handled in the play and by brainstorming other methods to handle the situation. Questions for the group could include:

In discussing options, it is important to note that students often will decide on “direct confrontation,” such as telling the person bullying “to stop.” This can be effective, but for many students, is the most difficult to implement. Encourage students to reflect on indirect options—such as asking the other student to play or telling them “that no one deserves to be bullied.”

This role play may be reproduced for the classroom.
©2008 PACER Center.

Special thanks to Barb Roy, the playwright for the Club Crew puppet role plays and the middle- and high-school role plays.

"I am the mother of an adult son with autism. Over the years, he has been the victim of teasing and bullying many times. Thanks to the efforts of his champions: his second grade teacher-who taught his classmates to be human, his older brother- who taught him how to be a "guy", and his father-who is his biggest fan-he has been able to rise above those incidents. My many years of teaching have given me tremendous faith in kids-talk to them honestly, and they will listen. They are the ones who can stop bullying in its tracks. I also believe in the power of theatre to change people. I hope that these scripts will give teachers a place to begin discussion and also a fun classroom activity." Barb