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Project Launch

two young menYour trusted source for information on career exploration, employment, and vocational rehabilitation for youth and young adults with disabilities

For transition-age youth and young adults with disabilities, success often depends on having the right services in place to support employment, education, and inclusion in the community. Fortunately, there are laws that help.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Workforce Investment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantee people with disabilities a free and appropriate education, ensure civil rights, and protect young adults from employment discrimination based on their disabilities.

Funded by the Rehabilitation Act, Project Launch works in partnership with parent centers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio to help youth, adults, families, professionals, and employers understand how these laws can help individuals with disabilities create a positive future.

How Project Launch Helps

Through individual assistance, workshops, resources, and more, Project Launch helps youth and young adults with disabilities pursue meaningful careers, live as independently as possible, and enjoy inclusion at work and in the community.

Project Launch provides a practical website and an array of helpful publications, webinars, parent tip sheets, and videos on disability-related topics.

Guidance and information is also offered on transition, employment, and the role of vocational rehabilitation counselors and rehabilitation services.

two young men

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Transition Resources

Project Launch provides transition-age youth and their families:

  • Help exploring future options, including transition to employment, on-the-job training, technical training, or college and university programs
  • Resources for independent living skills
  • Transition and career exploration workshops for high school students and young adults with disabilities and their families or advocates
  • Individual assistance on transition planning, employment, and rehabilitation services provided by state agencies, and gives referrals to appropriate service agencies that can help

Employment Resources

Project Launch offers many employment resources:

  • Works with professionals to develop more effective strategies for team building among students and young adults with disabilities, their families, and professionals
  • Advises employers and employees about accommodations and modifications on the job and at job training sites to help workers remain successfully employed

Parent Center Partners

Project Launch works in partnership with parent centers in:

New Video Series - Transition Tips: How Parents Can Help Their Youth Find Employment Success

This video series provides parents with five practical strategies for helping their youth be successful when first looking for employment. 

Visiting College and University Campuses

Preparing for postsecondary education takes careful planning on the part of the student, his or her family, school personnel, and college and university staff. For students thinking about furthering their education, one step in planning and preparing for postsecondary life is by visiting college campuses. This PACER publication highlights some helpful activities for the visit.

Frequently asked questions about career exploration for youth with disabilities

Career exploration is an important step in helping a student fulfill long-term employment goals. This handout will help with decision-making and information gathering concerning academic and career choices.

Transition Planning Tips for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Youth with Disabilities

Transition planning can be a challenging and complex task. It is important that the steps taken during transition planning lead to positive and well-informed decisions in education, career exploration, and independent living. This handout will assist in the process.

Project Launch is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS) as per agreement, #H23F140021.