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I Care Because

I care becuase i am bullied all the time. I get picked cause of how i dress, the style of music i like, just for being me. People hate emos for some reason , but that is who i am. People don't need to try to change me. I get picked on by my peers and by my family members. I know how it feels. That is why i care

joshua, 13, Pa, USE

Everyone is someone. Someone with a heart, with a family, with someone who loves you somewhere. We are all here together trying to get through this life to move on to the next. I care because NO ONE should live in hell on earth. I care because we are all in this together. I care because we are all beautiful on the inside and out and most people are not told this as often as they should be. We are all different and that is what makes this world amazing. Don't be afraid to be you, don't let ugly things people say get the best of you. The best way to get back at them is simply not let IT affect you! Life is beautiful and so are you... embrace it, celebrate it, and don't let ANYONE ruin this experience on Earth. Life is short and precious. BE YOU AND BE PROUD!

Mandi, 22, Kentucky

I was a cheerleader in high school. It was my best friend who bullied me. She turned all of my friends along with everyone else against me. I would walk down the hallway with them shouting things at me. They made up lies. I wanted to die. I hated life. I couldn't see tomorrow. I eventually told my mom. She got me a counselor. It helped, a little. I now am here six months after the bullying started because I was strong and I had my mom by my side the whole time. I started high school being popular with tons of friends. I ended the school year with one friend. I am strong and no one should have that power over me.

Katie, 15, Illinois

My 14 year old daughter is a bully and it is horrible to find out she is doing this at school. I will do everything possible so she can understand the impact of what she has done to the beautiful person she has done this to. If all parents can step up and take a stand against bullying by working with other parents and schools, we are on the way. The toughest part is finding it in yourself to believe that your child is capable of behaving so terribly.

Michelle, 45, Australia

I was bullied since I was 7 years old. Now I'm 17 and I still have problems with bullying. Nobody understands me and I feel so lonely and desperate. 
In school I stay alone, they laugh at me all the time about everything.
At nights when my family are sleeping I dont sleep, I cry and I cut myself.
This is the reason that I hate bullying because words can hurt you.

Auron, 17, Kosovo

A lot of times the ones being bullied end the bulling in their own matters by unfortente events. But I think people need to be aware of ALL the effects of bullying. People need to be aware that one little spark can cause a major combustion. I will admit that I was probably the one doing the bullying in the "not hurtful" way...BUT I WAS WRONG and there is NO such thing as "not hurtful" bullying. And because I became aware of the effects bullying could do I stopped. I am thankful in so many ways that I have never known (personally) a person that has experienced any effect of bullying. And I am very sorry I ever did anything to hurt anyone. I AM AGAINST BULLYING! 

AMD, 18, NJ

I was bullied in school. From the time I started up until now. I always blamed myself for them calling me fat and ugly. I would skip meals sometimes because they were so mean to me. Eventually, the bullying led to depression, self-harm, and even a suicide attempt. Now, everyday I wear a bracelet that says stop bullying on it and another bracelet that says hope. Bullying is not right and should never be tolerated. No one should have to feel upset with themselves because someone else is bullying them. I hope that those skids who are about to take those pills, skip that meal, or skip school know that things will get better. There is hope to stop bullying. We just got to stand up and make it stop. It's not your fault for being who you are. You were specially chosen to be on this earth, and that is something no one should take away. Stop bullying and stay strong.

Jana, 15, Indiana

i was bullied a was so bad that they even hit me in the face and...broke my nose..i had to get was so hard for me to keep up and im still getting bullied..i have called the principal and he doesnt believe me..What should i do?

Rhimarlyt, 9, fl

hi I've been bullied for these past 2 year now and I've tried to tell an adult at my school but they still wont take care of this situation. This girl try's to track me down all day long. finally my parents went up there and all that the principle said was she doesn't have to go to school anymore. This has been so hard to try to ignore. she also comes to my house harassing me. I want to take part and stop bullying!     

avery, 14, amarillo tx

I am bullied. I always have been. I use to want tocommit suicide because it brought my self esteem down so low. I use to cut myself but now I want to help end bullying and show them that there is hope and they can find it just like I did. I show them hope through my music. 

Courtney, 16, Mississippi

He don't worry about being bullied.  If you see someone getting bullied, tell a teacher or an adult that wills tep in a help.  Or get a group of friends to stand up to the bully.  Don't be afriad, and don't let him get power over you.

Bradley, 13, Georgia/Dacula

wy do people bully.

cruz, 9, iowa

i know how hard it is to be bullied and have to face the same people day after day. I know how hard it is to have to start over completely. But i also care because i know it gets better, however hard that might be to accept at the time.

Aria, 16, Cyprus

I care because bullying is wrong. Being bullied is something people don't want to remember. I remember when I was getting bullied and I don't think I'll ever forget. To the people who are getting bullied and think you are nothing, ugly, or whatever it is. Don't. because I know you are beautiful and I support you. I will never forget the time when I got my best friend. You don't tecnically need a best friend though. I'm here and I support you no matter what kind of decision you make. 

Sam, 13, US

i dont want students to feel sad because their being bulied

yisel, 11, irvingtx

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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