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I Care Because

just las t week i had someone i was close to commit suicide becase a group of people were bullying her on facebook. she was only 13 years old

meek, 16, jersey

I have been bullied relentlessly, and despite the school's bully prevention program. In a private elementary school and junior high, I got called names, taken advantage of, and left out on a daily basis, simply because I had a talent. I was bullied from second grade all the way until the end of eighth grade. I eventually lost my talent, but they wouldn't let my label go. They made me believe it was a bad thing to be unique, to be different. They bade me believe that I truly was useless, that the world really would be better off without me. They made me believe that suicide was the only option.
I struggled through and made it to high school, where I was finally free. I made new friends who showed me it's great to be different. Being different makes us who we are.

Bailey, 18, Orange, CA

My Sister, has been bullyied throughout her whole High school Life. She was always called names because o fher weight, and Because she acne that made everyone feel even worse, i finnally stood up and said something to My parents, but the school didnt do anything about it, finnally my sister gave in and dropped out in Year 10, and its such ashame because she was sooo Smart! she couldve take her life so much further, then she started hanging out with the wrong corwd she,  got into Drugs and all of that, But she is slowly recovering and i am proud of my sister today, no matter what has happened in her Life!

Libby, 16, ns

I want students to feel safe in and out of school. Bullying is a problem that I realized yesterday I should get up and try to fix. Bullying is a terrible thing. It needs to be stopped as soon as possible

Austin, 12, Harrisburg, PA

Bullying is a cruel punishment bestowed on weaker/younger individuals. Whenever I was in sixth grade all of the seventh, and eighth graders would make fun of us since we were younger. Back then I thought it was normal for them to bully us, but since I'm in eighth grade now I've found out this behavior is unacceptable! Kids never should feel that bullying is normal, and nobody deserves to be put down.

Lydia, 14, Tennessee

When i was still a little kid I was bullied for being muslim, I was bullied because my language to them was "Stupid". I never told my parents or anything like that because I knew that if i did they would inform the principle and it would get worse because they never gave up if you lectured them. It was all verbal and even though there was no physical it hurts. When ever I see someone get bullied I remember everything that happened and the hardest thing is..when I try to help I get bullied instead.

Meral, 12, Saudi arabia

I care because I know how it feels to be bullied in every way and I don't want people to get hurt like I did. Even if you're a jock, nerd, fashion diva,  even bullies don't deserve to be bullied. Please stop bullying. It can hurt people mentally and physically. It's not right to bully.

Minami, 13, Singapore

I've been bullied all my life. Even by my own family memeber they called me names they teased me they said so many things that i became afraid of them. I never understood why they were so mean to me. As i got older they kept on teasing me even more. Things got worse when i went school people started staring and me and laughing at me since i walked into school. People began calling me names i never understood why they were being so mean to me i remember going home after school and crying. After a while i began thinking i deserved everything they were calling me i was scared to go to school i didnt want people to keep making fun of me people dont realize how hurtfull all the things that they are saying             Bulling should stop they are destroying lifes and causeing alot of deaths i know that i will never be able to get over what people said to me But i dont want anyone else to suffer what im still stuffering                 

Mayra , 18, Chicago il

my friends as we speak are being cyberbullied by a bunch of guys who are calling them fat and ugly. I care because it isn't right for such beautiful and amazing people to be bullied. 
We had an aseembly at school with a father talking about how his son killed himself from being bullied, and I do not want to see or heear about anyone going through this. We need to raise awarreness

Sara, 17, Long Island, NY

I care about bullying because I've been through it myself. Sure, I know how it feels to say "I wish I didn't have to live through all this anymore." I know how it feels to want to take your life away with a single cut. Trust me, it's not worth it at all. So many people love seeing a smile across your face. Some people can't go a day with out seeing you. To someone in this world, you mean something greater than life it self. One life gone scars dozens more. Please, stay strong, speak out and stay alive. If you feel like no one in life cares.. I do. 

Julie , 12, NY

I want my children to feel safe in school.

Tina, 35, WI


Marbeel (:, 12, Gilbert, AZ

Bullying effects the lives of so many because people feel stressed and can suffer from depression. When people risk their own lives because they have experienced bullying. Bullying not only effects the the victim but also their family and friends. Bullying effects the lives of so many also because of the rude and nasty comments said by the bully. The comments said puts the victim in a position which they don't want to be in, and therefore they risk their life because one person can't control what they are saying to others!

Katrina, 12, NSW

i am currently suffering from acne, acne has destroyed everything ! from my self confidence to about everything else. In middle school you see ton and tons of girls put on make up to cover their acne and its sooooo tempting to fit in, but i hate to think that im just letting socity get in my way to become care free and just . . . happy. I did get sucked in to it, but since this week, I WORE NO MAKEUP !!! and im keeping it that way for a long time! I was so absessed with my self i havent really focused on my studies, although i always had higher than a 3.5 gpa, i believed i could have done alot better, with a straight a sister, you have to be challenged! So im on my way to a 4.0 gpa this quarter! 

katie, 12, ca

i have had things stolen from me and said about me. things that are unforgetable. you can replace stolen objects but it takes a while to build up your self esteem. i look up to Demi Lovato mostly because she stayed strong through the bullying. and hearing about her story helped me stay strong.  i hope one day a girl who is being bullied can look at me and think "she made it through. so can i'

Macey, 13, CA

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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