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PACER Puppets

The PACER puppet packages are available for sale to groups that are interested in presenting inclusion, bullying or abuse prevention programs. Organizations throughout the country have purchased puppet packages and are reaching national and international audiences with the messages from COUNT ME IN, KIDS AGAINST BULLYING and LET’S PREVENT ABUSE

PACER puppets are unique, handcrafted works of art. These hand and rod puppets are three feet tall and represent a diverse group of children. Basic packages include puppets, scripts, a custom-built bright red wheelchair, props, and resource books.

Training may be arranged for groups purchasing puppet packages. Disability awareness, bullying and/or abuse issues, and puppetry techniques will be taught.

All puppets and scripts are copyrighted and available only through PACER Center.

Interested in ordering a puppet package? To place an order OR for details on pricing, contact [email protected].


Pricing of packages varies from $3,000-$5,000*

* - Package pricing subject to change without notice

(Select the program below for more detailed information about the packages)

Count Me In

  • Basic CMI Package - includes 6 puppets, props, & a script package for preschool and kindergarten as well as scripts for grades 1-4
  • Starter CMI Package - includes 3 puppets, props, & a script package for an audience from grades 1 through 4
  • Starter Plus CMI Package - adds an additional script and 1 additional puppet of your choosing.

Kids Against Bullying

  • KAB Package - includes 5 puppets, props, & script package for grades 1-3
    • Physical Bullying
    • Verbal Bullying
    • Social / Exclusion
  • Brad & Shannon only – for those who already own a set of PACER puppets
    • includes 2 puppets & KAB script package

Lets Prevent Abuse

  • LPA Package - includes 4 puppets, props, & a script package for an audience from grades 1 through 4

Additional Puppets

You must have purchased one of the above packages to be eligible to purchase additional puppets.

The puppets, and the disabilities they represent, are:

  • Bridget, who has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Eric, who has diabetes.
  • Danny, who has muscular dystrophy (wheel chair sold separately).
  • Ben, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Max, who has autism.
  • Connor, who has Tourette syndrome
  • Gina, who is blind
  • Jay, who is deaf/hard of hearing
  • Corey, who has Down syndrome

Extras or replacement items for your puppet package:

  • Puppet size wheelchair
  • Folding Puppet Stage
  • Coordinator's Handbook (for those who already own a puppet package)
  • Small bag (holds two puppets).
  • Large bag (holds three puppets).


PACER Center expressly reserves all rights in its works of authorship which include, but are not limited to, the puppets and scripts subject to this order form, and none of PACER Center's copyrighted works may be reproduced, distributed or translated without express written permission of PACER Center.
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