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PACER Puppets

Purchase - Kids Against Bullying

"I learned that if I were abused, I should keep telling someone until they believe me."
- A Minnesota child after a LET'S PREVENT ABUSE show.

Interested in ordering a puppet package? To place an order OR for details on pricing, contact [email protected].
  • Five Puppets:
    • Carmen, who helps others confront bullying, and then is herself bullied
    • Brad, who likes to tease and harass other kids,
    • Mitch, who doesn’t know how to respond to Brad’s bullying behavior
    • Sally, who uses a wheelchair and is being bullied by Shannon and some other kids
    • Shannon, a popular girl who is bullied at home and, in turn, bullies others
  • Props:
    • Puppet-sized wheel chair used by Sally
    • Small baseball hat
  • Script Package:
    • The three scripts for general audiences of school children in grades 1-3 address the definition of bullying, types of bullying, how children can respond if they’re being bullied, and how they can help other children who are a target of bullying. The basic message of the show is that no one ever deserves to be bullied, and that it’s important to speak up and be a friend if you see someone who is being bullied.
  • Extra or replacement items for your puppet package:
    • Small bag (holds two puppets)
    • Large bag (holds three puppets)
    • Folding puppet stage can be purchased or building instructions are provided.
    • Coordinator’s Handbook, a resource to use in organizing your PACER Puppet Program.

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