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Items marked squareare FREE to Minnesota parents of children and young adults with disabilities.

staritems are free to young adults, high school or older, with disabilities and their families.

Please limit requests for free items to 10 or less per order.

Other Products

PACER has found the following materials to be informative and useful to parents. Although published elsewhere, they can be ordered through PACER.


Beyond the Bake Sale
Packed with tips from principals, teachers, and parents; checklists; and an invaluable resource section, Beyond the Bake Sale reveals how to build strong collaborative relationship and offers practical advice for improving interactions between parents and teachers. 2007.
$15 | ATP-2

image of Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities publication Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities
A booklet first published in 2004 by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and PACER, has been revamped and expanded in an online format. This guide offers tips and information on organizing financial records, managing money, dealing with debt, preparing income taxes, saving for college, preparing youth for adult employment, and more. Each section includes links to additional resources. 2011
FREE | Online Only  | WEB-1


Why Isn't My Child Happy?
Dr. Sam Goldstein addresses childhood depression: including causes, warning signs, diagnosis, treatment, and guidelines to assist parents and professionals in helping depressed children. 100 minutes. 1994. Purchase from Neurology Learning & Behavior Center.
$10 | Rental only  | VID-8


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