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Charming life-size, multicultural puppets deliver an important message of bullying prevention. Using an engaging, child-friendly approach, puppet shows educate, entertain and inspire. The KIDS AGAINST BULLYING puppet program helps students in grades 1-3 learn ways to respond if they are being bullied, how to help if they see someone else being bullied, the difference between telling and tattling, and most importantly that no one ever deserves to be bullied.

Purchase Puppets and Scripts

The PACER puppet packages are available for sale to groups that are interested in presenting a bullying prevention program. Organizations throughout the country have purchased puppet packages and are reaching national and international audiences. PACER puppets are unique, handcrafted works of art. These hand and rod puppets are three feet tall and represent a diverse group of children. Basic packages include puppets, scripts, a custom-built bright red wheelchair, props, and resource books.

Training may be arranged for groups purchasing puppet packages. Disability awareness, bullying and/or abuse issues, and puppetry techniques will be taught.

All puppets and scripts are copyrighted and available only through PACER Center.

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More Information About the KIDS AGAINST BULLYING Puppets

The KIDS AGAINST BULLYING Puppet Program helps children and adults learn about bullying prevention. This exciting new puppet program was developed in response to requests from parents and teachers to supplement PACER’s Kids Against Bullying Web site .

KIDS AGAINST BULLYING features five endearing multicultural, child-size puppets that portray children with and without disabilities. These puppets have proven to be a comfortable medium through which to teach children about bullying prevention. Opportunities exist throughout the presentation for children to learn through dialogue and question/answer.

The program, designed for children in grades 1-3, addresses:

The program presents three skits focusing on different types of bullying (physical, verbal and social/exclusion) and lasts approximately 30 - 35 minutes. The presentation is interactive and includes opportunities for the students to share their ideas and ask questions.

Meet the Cast

Carmen , who helps others confront bullying, and then is herself bullied.

Brad , who likes to tease and harass other kids.

Mitch , who doesn’t know how to respond to Brad’s bullying behavior.

Sally , who uses a wheelchair and is being bullied by Shannon and some other kids.

Shannon , a popular girl who bullies others.

PACER Center expressly reserves all rights in its works of authorship which include, but are not limited to, the puppets and scripts subject to this order form, and none of PACER Center's copyrighted works may be reproduced, distributed or translated without express written permission of PACER Center.

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Inviting PACER’s KIDS AGAINST BULLYING puppets to your school in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region is effective, economical, and easy to arrange. Learn more