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Technology for Girls Workshop Series

EX.I.T.E. - EXploring Interests in Technology and Engineering

The Technology for Girls workshop series invites middle school girls with disabilities the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and to get messy while exploring science, technology, engineering, and math. Girls explore the wonderful world of science through hands-on workshops that take place during the school year. These workshops work to promote the sciences to girls in a fun, non-competitive environment; all skill levels are welcomed.

Previous workshops

Some of our previous workshops have included:

Dream It, Build-It!
If you can dream it, you can build it! Join us to put your creative thinking skills to the test while we design bridges, boats, and more. Toothpicks, pennies, aluminum foil, gumdrops, straws, and clay will be used to make a variety of structures. We will test our structures by adding weight. Come see what structures will fall and which ones will stand!

My Messy Little Experiments
Does an egg float or sink in water? How about a paper clip? How much water can a penny hold? Can a raisin really dance? We will answer all the questions you ever had about science and have fun while completing all the little experiments you thought about trying at home but were too messy.

Forensics, Be a CSI!
Put on you lab coats and come to PACER to be a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)! We will explore the science of forensics by fingerprinting, analyzing powders, making teeth impressions, and determining someone’s height based on their shoe size. We will test our CSI skills by analyzing data and solving a mock crime!

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