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Minnesota Special Education Reports

Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Releases Reportpdf

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 2009 to develop recommendations and report on the following topics:

  • Ways to improve services provided by all state and political subdivisions.
  • Sources of public and private funding available for treatment and ways to improve efficiency in the use of these funds.
  • Methods to improve coordination in the delivery of service between public and private agencies, health providers, and schools, and to address any geographic discrepancies in the delivery of services.
  • Increasing the availability of and the training for medical providers and educators who identify and provide services to individuals with ASD.
  • Treatment options supported by peer-reviewed, established scientific research for individuals with ASD.

Minnesota Special Education Taskforce Releases Report

The Special Education Taskforce Report was heard in the House K-12 Education Finance Committee chaired by Mindy Greiling on February 17, 2009. Consumer and special education advocates submitted as part of that report, their summary of the process and outcomes. The contents of the report is now in the hands of our state legislators to determine which rules and statutes will be eliminated or revised. The full contents of the report are in the following:

BMS Letterpdf—Bureau of Mediation Services cover letter summarizing the taskforce and the process.

Special Education Rule Reportpdf—Summarizes Minnesota state rules examined and taskforce member voting/comments.

Parent and Parent Advocacy Responsepdf—A report prepared by parent and parent advocacy group members on the taskforce that was included as an addendum.

2009 Aversive Deprivation Reviewpdf—A chart examining proposed amendments from National Alliance on Mental Illness of Minnesota (NAMI), Minnesota Administrators for Special Education (MASE), and Minnesota Disability Law (DLC) Center on aversive deprivation and taskforce comments.

The special education taskforce was created in 2007 by the state legislature to compare the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements with Minnesota laws and rules for the purpose of determining which laws and rules exceed the federal ones and make recommendations on which ones could be eliminated. The taskforce’s focus was changed in 2008 to allow them to also provide recommendations on which state laws and rules could be revised.

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