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Unite Together Against Bullying

Creating communities that are together against bullying—and united to provide kindness, support and hope for those who have experienced bullying, through conversation, education and inspiration. Read more >>>

PACER’s You’re Not Alone® gives students, adults and communities ideas how they can help so that:

  • No student ever feels that they are all alone
  • Everyone has ideas on how they can provide support, kindness and hope to those that are bullied

Students who are bullied often report that they feel like:

  • no one understands what they are going through,
  • no matter what they do, the bullying will never stop, and
  • that they feel like no one cares, that they are all alone.

Think about how it must feel for someone being bullied, when everyone around you looks the other way, ignores you, and maybe even sides with the person who is hurting you. Think about how it would be to think that there is no way to change what is happening to you. When you’re the one being bullied, it's hard to believe in yourself, it's hard to see that life will ever be any different. That's a lonely place to be.

Imagine how all that can be different. Imagine if those that witness bullying, whether it’s another student, a parent, an educator, or community member sent the powerful message that they are there for those who are being bullied. Imagine that reach out and provide kindness, support and hope. Imagine during those times when someone experiences the pain of being bullied that knew that they are not alone. You can be that person and you can also encourage others to be there. Together we can unite against bullying, share the common message, that all students have the right to feel safe and included. Together, we can change what has happened to so many for so long.

Order Toolkits
for the Classroom or for an Event

Create communities that send the message to students who are bullied that they are not alone!
Educate students, adults and community members that support, kindness and hope is something everyone can give!

Hold an Event

Resources for holding a public event at school or in the community with posters, petition, handouts, and give-aways. $75.00 per toolkit.


Classroom Activities

Opportunities for meaningful conversation, visual reminders, and participation incentives. Include posters, discussion guides, educational handout and stickers. $50.00 per toolkit.


Learn Ways to "Be There"

Ideas on how adults, community members and young people can send the powerful message to students who are experiencing bullying or who are vulnerable to hurt or harm that that "we’re here for you."

Note: Printed copies of “Ways to Be There” are available in the school and event toolkits.

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